our story



Welcome to Shining Cross Farms.  We are a 4th generation ranching and farming family on the central coast of California.  The family ranch is located in Cambria, right by Hearst Castle.  Our cattle are born and raised in Cambria until they are ready to be finished at our home in Templeton, less than 25 miles away. They are loved by our family, spend their days resting in the shade of our native oak trees and feasting on local crafted grains.  

We believe the basis for true health starts at the ranch, where we are respecting the resources our environment provides that sustains our way of life.  We encourage a life where meals are cooked at home instead of picked up in a bag.  We want you to share your meals with your loved ones, creating memories and having pride in the food you serve.  Food brings people together and that's what fulfills us.

We value high quality, tender, premium meat that honors the life of the animal.  We want you to feel good about what you are serving your loved ones, as well as experiencing the most tender, flavorful, freshest protein possible.  Ranchers have eaten this way for generations, and we are sharing that way of life with you.

Our way of life

We are dedicated to fighting for survival of an old way of life. We slow cook food from our ranch and garden, not from a bag at the drive thru. We want the work on the ranch to be a family endeavor, where our kids learn from their grandparents. We want the world to value agriculture and animal husbandry as much as we do. We are giving consumers an opportunity to use their food purchases to change our food system by supporting this lifestyle.  We invite you to try our way of life.

With love,

Donnie, Nicola, Lane, Tillie, Sadie, and Kasen