Ranch raised beef from our ranch to your table

Our cattle are born and raised here in San Luis Obispo County, enjoying fresh air, clean grasses, the best grains, and warm sunshine all year. Most ranchers have freezers full of premium meats and we are sharing that way of life with you.

  • Know your rancher

    Our family has been ranching for many generations. You can buy with the confidence that our animals are living their best lives, are raised right, and are never fed hormones or antibiotics. Our livestock are raised in warm sunshine with room to roam and clean water with some belly rubs and back scratches from us.

  • Supporting small business

    We choose to feed grain to our animals that is handcrafted right here in Templeton, CA. The rations are intentional to maximize growth, promote health, and create flavorful, tender meat. Our animals are processed at a small USDA inspected butcher here in Paso Robles where they practice humane handling and are experts in creating the best cuts.

  • Changing our food system

    Did you know that one package of conventional ground beef can contain DNA from 100s of cattle? Our ground beef packages have one. Our cattle live here in San Luis Obispo County their entire lives. By keeping our herd size small and never traveling out of the county, we minimize environmental impact and create sustainable agricultural practices. We are cutting out the middle man and lower dependency on fuel costs to get meat from a producer in Iowa, to a plant in Ohio, to a grocery store in Kentucky. This is a true farm to fork model, creating a simpler, more sustainable way to feed your family.

  • This doesn't taste like store bought meat

    Big packers don't have the margins or space to allow their beef to hang for 14-21 days like ours, sealing in flavor and creating the most tender meat you have ever eaten. Our beef are always fed local grasses and are finished on a sweet grain ration to create that classic grain fed flavor that we crave. Ranchers have been eating like this for centuries, and now you can experience the same luxury of an elevated protein experience.

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