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Farm Box Style

We are paving the way to a new (actually an old) way of cooking. Not many generations ago, families raised their own meat and filled their freezers. They ate seasonal produce. We believe this is the ultimate path to health and sustainability, eating a variety of produce and protein, and eating seasonally. Years ago, they didn't just eat the steaks and the bacon. They catered their recipe to the cut in front of them. They cooked pork shoulder roasts, 7 bone beef roasts, shanks, short ribs, and hams. Don't worry... I'll be there to help you learn along the way. In one box you may get jalapeno cheddar sausage, and the next you may get mild italian sausage. You may get carne asada or stew meat, steaks or filet mignon, tri tip or flank steak. It's a surprise. That's the fun of it. Every box is intentionally different. We use the whole animal, even the organs for those who love that. We cook long simmering roasts in the winter and we sear steaks on the grill in the summer. We invite you to try this way, supporting local businesses, emphasizing true health and balance, and honoring every animal to feed the ones we love the most.

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